Aquarius 40 ZX Boom Pump working at Expert Concrete, Faridabad.

The 40 ZX Series Boom Pump (40 M) has a robust ‘Z’ fold design that allows flexible concrete pumping in tight spaces, using our proven, reliable 1409 high performance hydraulic core system, a multitude of operator centric ergonomic features, and a deep focus on operator and machine safety, and telematics. A powerful closed-loop hydraulic circuit with a built-in accumulator enhances the machine performance by facilitating rapid shifting of the boom and amplifies operational efficiency.The incorporation of a centralized diagnostic display in the control panel provides the operators a centralized view of critical machine parameters, augmenting human-machine interaction. A futuristic radio remote with a digital display puts the operator in complete control of the operations. This innovative addition allowed operators to monitor operations from a distance, ensuring enhanced safety and convenience.Our 40 ZX is a perfectly value engineered solution which will allow a wide audience to benefit by getting access to more flexibility in site operations.