Aquarius 1407 D Stationary Concrete Pump working at PRS Banijya Udyog for Ultratech RMC Project, Kolkata

The Aquarius 1407 D is a power horse from the 1400 series of stationary concrete pumps. As one of the most trusted and reliable line pumps in the market, the Aquarius 1400 series offers a range of concrete pump options to the customer, with a pumping capacity up to 65 m3/hr and vertical pumping capability up to 180 meters. With a long track record of successful operations across different segments, the machines boast of state-of-the-art features including a dependable ‘S’-valve design, easy clean hopper, low maintenance hydraulic controls and multiple operator and machine safety features. Standardized interchangeable wear parts across the series helps reduce customer spare part inventory.

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