M 36.09 Z


The Aquarius 36 ZX Series Boom Pump (36 M) has a robust ‘Z’ fold design that allows flexible concrete pumping in tight spaces, using our proven, reliable 1409 core pump. The standard offering has a twin-layer pipeline for extended service life. Multiple operator and machine safety features ensure accident-free operation with zero downtime. The series is available in both slave engine and splitter gearbox variants and is designed to allow compatibility with all chassis available in India. A state-of-the-art radio remote control is available with the machine on demand.

Technical Specification

Parameters Unit M 36.09 Z
Arms No. 4
Boom Folding Z
Chassis Allowable GVW kg 25000*
Horizontal Reach (max.) M 31.5
Vertical Reach (max.) M 35.5
Reach Depth M 23.4
Unfolding Height M 8.1
Slewing Range Deg 370
Delivery Line Diameter Mm 125
Length of End Hose (dn 125) M 3
Max. Hydraulic Pressure Bar 300
Electrical System V 24
Power Drive Slave Engine kw 82

*New regulation for two axle chassis (6X4) the GVW is specified as 28000kg

Model Specification Unit 36.09
Concrete Output Max. Theoretical m3/hr 85
Concrete Pressure Max. Theoretical Bar 54
No. of Strokes / Min No. 25
Delivery Cylinder Diameter Mm 230
Piston Stroke Length Mm 1400
Hydraulic Transmission Ratio (rod Side) 1:6:5
Easy Clean Hopper Capacity L 600
Water Tank Capacity L 205

Note: Performance of equipment is based on standard working conditions. Design / Specifications can be changed without prior notice