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Mobile Line Pump:


MOLI, the Mobile Line Pump offers a complete solution for Ready Mix business in India. Mounted on an Indian chassis, the 1000 & 1400 series pump is equipped with the highly wear resistant 'S' transfer tube and can pump the most difficult concrete. MOLI carries its own pipelines and accessories and is equipped with a water tank and a flushing water pump, providing a dream solution for city pours.
Mobile Line Pump
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Truck Mounted Line Pump - Moli

Truck Mounted Line Pumps MOLI
The MOLI is easily maneuverable through high-density traffic and avoids towing costs and headaches in moving the pump and pipeline. MOLI offers many advantages of Boom Pump but is available at much lower investment.

Salient Features

  • Built-in with maximum flexibility for site-to-site movement
  • Designed to carry delivery pipeline, bends, tool box and other accessories
  • An integrated cleaning water tank of 450 lit. and high pressure cleaning water pump
  • Provision of air compressor & air tank of 160 lit. for cleaning the pipe line
  • Pipeline cleaning is possible by water pumping
  • Suitable for mounting on Indian chassis, 11 & 12 tons (TATA/ASHOK LEYLAND)
  • Integrated water tank with high pressure pump
  • Storage capacity for 100 m pipeline with all accessories
  • Air compressor with tank (capacity 160 liters)
  • Hydraulic out riggers

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The AQUARIUS truck mounted concrete line pumps are a solution built-in with the maximum flexibility for alternating requirements. It is equipped with a carrying capacity of 100 meter delivery pipeline, an integrated water tank for high pressure cleaning and a provision for air compressor and pressurized air tank for cleaning of the pipelines.

The specially thought over modular design with easy storage containers for pipeline, fittings and tools, make the AQUARIUS MOLI+ ready for operation in the shortest possible time.

  • Powerful agitator
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Compact design and safe cleaning system
  • Lesser towing length
  • Pumps bigger size aggregates
  • Leak-proof system & effective reverse pumping
  • Less chances of chocking
  • Hard-faced design for longer life of wear parts
  • Infinitely variable concrete output, from zero to maximum
  • Completely isolated hydraulic & concrete system
  • Operations can continue in spite of electrical system malfunction
  • Effective flap straight design for concrete outlet
  • Lower number of strokes, resulting in less wear & tear
  • Standardized core pump, reducing spares inventory costs
  • Bigger concrete pumps with 200 mm diameter cylinder
  • Pump regulator provided to protect overheating of hydraulic system and overloading of engine
  • Fully Hydraulic Controls used to reduce electrical components and increase reliability
  • Relatively low slump concrete having higher size aggregates
  • Extended pump life due to reduced fuel consumption
  • Higher pressure capacity in spite of large diameter cylinders
Model Specifications   Unit 1004 D
1405 D
1407 D 
  Diesel Drive
Prime Mover   kW 49 49 82
Theoretical Output   m3/hr 51/35* 51/35* 65/45*
Del. Cylinder Diameter   mm 200 200 200
Del. Cylinder Stroke   mm 1000 1400 1400
No. of Strokes   per min 27/18* 19/13* 25/17*
Hydraulic Transmission Rod Side - 1:4.9 1:4.9 1:4.9
Head Side - 1:3.3 1:3.3 1:3.3
Concrete Pressure   bar 61/91* 61/91* 71/106*
Concrete Hopper Capacity   l 500 600 600
Delivery Distance** Horizontal m 400 500 600
Vertical m 100 125 150
GVW   kg 10000+ 11000+ 11000+
Wheel Base   mm 3600+ 4200+ 4200+
Chassis Frame Width   mm 850+ 850+ 850+

*Values for hydraulic fluid being fed to piston side. **Distances to be read as either horizontal or vertical.
The concrete should be pumpable & follows DIN 1045 standard.
  • Worldwide ‘S’- Valve Technology for Concrete Pumps
    • The latest technology used in concrete pumping
    • Hard-faced design for longer life
    • Most suited for high-rise and long distance pumping
    • Completely leak-proof system & effective reverse pumping. Less chances of choking
    • Completely separate hydraulic & concrete pumping system
    • Longer maintenance intervals
    • Wear Parts can be refurbished
    • Low operation cost
    • Ease of cleaning and enhanced safety
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency For Concrete Pumps.
Worldwide ‘S’- Valve Technology for Concrete Pumps Increased Fuel Efficiency For
Concrete Pumps.
Modular Design with easy storage containers for pipeline, etc.
Fully Hydraulic Open Loom
Control System.
  • 703 MOLI
  • 1004 D SHP MOLI+
  • 1405 D MOLI+
  • 1407 D MOLI+


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