Concrete Batching Plants:

Super Mobile Batching Plants – SMP 21

In the SMP-21 concrete batching plant the concrete discharge is directly in to the pump hopper eliminating the need of transit mixers.


An innovative, customized concrete production solution for contractors.
The plant requires absolutely no foundations but only PCC work. Standard model available with Planetary Mixer of 0.35 m3 compacted output per batch.

Accommodates four types of aggregates, cement, fly ash, water and chemical additive. Plant has a unique design that reduces transport cost, crainage cost and shifting time drastically. State-of-art modular PLC based control system provided with HMI control.

Super Mobile Concrete Batching Plants – SMP
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Super Mobile Batching Plants – SMP 21

Super Mobile Batching Plants – SMP 21
The concrete discharge is directly in the pump hopper. No expenditure against transit mixer purchases and their operation costs. Low connected load helps keeping your electricity costs lower. Very low operation and maintenance costs.A great way to go independent, as far as your concrete requirements are concerned.

Key Features

  • No foundation work required for the plant. Minimum of PCC work is sufficient for plant installation.
  • Compact plant design with Incline weighing belt to ensure accurate weighing and reduced maintenance costs.

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AQUARIUS SMP-21 plant comprises of a 0.525cubic meter dry fill capacity Planetary Mixer that gives a compacted output of 0.35 cubic meter per batch. The plant requires absolutely no foundations but only PCC work. Thus it can be dismantled and shifted to a new location quite speedily. SMP-21 is provided with four Aggregate Bins with a total storage capacity of 18 cubic meter. With high precision load cells for electronic weighing of cement, aggregates & water and a digital display, MP-19 is the most compact batching plant from AQUARIUS range of products.

A unique feature of SMP-21, which reduces the transport costs, crane cost & shifting time drastically. Another feature is the belt arrangement for mixer loading and a modular PLC based control system, AQ TOUCH. Moreover, the concrete discharge is directly into the pump hopper, eliminating the need of transit mixers.

(Additive unit not part of our standard scope of supply)Cement Screw Conveyor 1 no. is also a part of the standard offering (. A very low operation & maintenance cost and a possible continuous production cycle as low as 66 seconds make SMP 21 the most preferred plant in the Contractor segment.

Plant Model Unit

SMP 21

Type Of Mixer  -


Capacity Of Mixer l


Compacted Output Per Batch l


No Of Aggregates no.

max. 4

Storage Capacity Of Aggregate m3


No. Of Cement / Fly Ash no.

max. 3

No. Of Water no.

max. 2

No Of Additives no.

max. 1

Aggregate Loading In Mixer  -

 Belt conveyor

Connected load* kW 30
Aggregate Loading Height m 3.6
D.G. Set Required kVA



    • Control System:
      1. SCADA based control systems, customized to the requirements of various segments.
      2. Features like auto-in-flight, stock maintenance, on screen diagnosis, and Possibility of printing cycle data and consumption data on Laser Printer (Specific Printer Model to be connected – Printer not in scope of Supply).The systems are designed based on all feedbacks and requirements from various operation levels.
      3. All Data storage on Pen Drive connected to Touch Screen. (Pen Drive not in scope of supply)
      4. HMI provided as a part of standard scope.
    • Plant Maximum configuration:
      1. 4 Scale system Extractor
      2. 5 Aggregate extractor
      3. 3 Cement extractor
      4. 2 Water extractor
      5. 1 Additives batcher
      6. 1 mixer
      7. Belt conveyor
      8. Aggregate Moisture & Absorption percentage (Manual Input)
    • Batching Features:
      1. Automatic in-flight management
      2. Net tolerance monitoring
      3. Intelligent & flexible discharge sequence
      4. Manual batch by HMI
      5. Water offset
      6. System pause
      7. Automatic restart after power supply break-down
      8. Changing extractor during auto batch ( For Aggregate & Cement )
    • Archive & Reporting:
      1. Consumption report
      2. Cycle Data report
      3. Truck journey report
      4. Recipe statistics
      5. Incoming delivery notes report & statistics
      6. Delivery note reporting
      7. Analysis of the batching accuracy
    • Security & Assistance:
      1. Automatic data backup
      2. Remote backup in workstation unit
      3. Multiple level password

    Minimized Cycle Time for Higher Production. Advanced Control System (AQ-TOUCH)  

  • SMP 21

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