Centrifuge Sludge Separator

Centrifuge Sludge Separator


We supply special Centrifuge Separators that have a very high solid-liquid separation efficiency. These Separators are used in various applications including Paint Sludge Dewatering, Water Cleaning, Coolant Cleaning, Oil Cleaning, Glass Fines Removal, Paper Fibre Removal and many more. Some of our major clients are Volkswagen India, TATA Autocomp, Polyplastics, Bajaj Auto, SAPL, Sandhar Auto, Eicher Polaris, Bharat Forge and others.

Centrifuge Separators work best with processes like Brushing, Honing, Lapping, Deburring, Grinding and so on. Materials like Ceramics, Cast Aluminum with over 5% Silicon, Glass, Tungsten Carbide, Molybdenum, Carbon, in addition to Steel are best handled by these Separators.

A cleaning efficiency of above 95% of all particles > 3 microns is possible with centrifuge separators. For Paint Sludge, the overall weight can be reduced to nearly 50%, thus saving substantially on disposal costs. Separators prove to be extremely cost-effetive as no filter media is required. For Coolants/Oil there is a drastic saving in the Top-Up requirement and a major saving in Tooling Cost and a Drop in Product Rejection Rate.
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Centrifuge Separator

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The Centrifuge Separators have a wide range of applications, viz.

  • Coolant Cleaning
  • Paint Sludge Removal
  • Oil Separation
  • Metal Fines Removal
  • Phosphate Degrease Sludge
  • Glass Fines Removal
  • HFO & Thick Oil Cleaning
  • PCB Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Parts Washing Application

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Model Name Unit U-15 A-25
Drive Power kW 4 11/15
Rotor Volume l 15 40
Max. Flow Rate l/min 120 150/250
G-force g 1.950 1.950
Separation µm >2 >2
Sludge Capacity kg/h 8-12 40
Sludge Emptying - Manual Auto

Note: Performance of equipment is based on standard working conditions. Design / Specifications can be changed without prior notice


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