Organisation Culture

Working with Us:

Being with Aquarius is all about knowledge sharing, growth, teamwork and application of ideas. We, at Aquarius, are committed to understanding customer needs and delivering products in line with the latest technology relevant to the local conditions. We owe our success to the highly motivated staff that likes to cherish the entrepreneurial spirit in all walks of their activity. We offer an opportunity to learn, share and expand your horizons.

Everyday at Aquarius is challenging and thought-provoking by testing your drive, enthusiasm and initiative. New ideas are appreciated and innovation is encouraged - if you have a suggestion and a plan to take it forward - you will get all the necessary support to transform it into action.

We ensure that you get an opportunity to ‘express’ and ‘enjoy’ yourself at the workplace!

We engage in activities with great energy, free spirit, and commitment to human values and this has played a significant role in our success story so far. Active, unhindered participation brings us closer to each other and to ourselves and making work fun and meaningful.

There are various events, which are organized for our people throughout the year. These span our people’s interests, the festivals that they celebrate and the fun we ensure they have! We regularly arrange company get-togethers, birthdays, social gatherings, Weekend trips, seminars, etc. for our employees.



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