Our Philosophy:

  • Vision : Our vision is to become the most trusted knowledge and equipment source in the field of concrete production, conveying & placement.

  • Mission : We shall strive to bring the finest technology products and expertise to the industry we serve, with a focus of delivering complete & reliable solutions. We believe that this will enable us to add value to our customer's business and in becoming their long-term partners.

  • Values : We believe that our company's fast growth has been because of the entrepreneurial spirit and commitment shown by each individual in the company - a group built around values.
  1. Integrity & high ethical standards
  2. Technology excellence and quality
  3. Reliability
  4. Committed to customers and community
  5. Respectful and open

Meaning of Aquarius Logo:

The 'Kumbh' represents the intellect, the flow of thoughts and evolving of new ideas. The droplets signify the transfer of knowledge. Knowledge is gained & transferred throughout our lives & is one resource which multiplies many fold, when you impart it.
Aquarius Engineers have imbibed this principle of knowledge sharing with modesty, in all the spheres of their activities.
The colour theme of the logo, too has a special significance. Turquoise Blue is the symbol of youth. It contains growth qualities of Green & the communication qualities of the Blue. It indicates good health, confidence & strength. Yellow shines with creative & intellectual energy & symbolizes wisdom. Yellow means joy, enlightenment & happiness. It instills optimism & energy, as well as sparks off creative thoughts.


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