Mr. M. S. Bhadbhade, Managing Director

"The real achievement of Aquarius Engineers has been the creation of a well-trained and committed work force that can absorb the new technology, understand the local conditions and support the customer satisfactorily".

We are manufacturing the equipment for a substantial period of time at our Goa and Pune factory. We have seen that the concrete quality and handling is quite different to that observed in other parts of the country. Hence, understanding the local conditions and then adopting the global technology is very important. We lay a major stress on our after-sales service and training activity. Our machines have proved high efficiency output under extreme levels of performance on various sites in India and the customers are satisfied in the use of our equipment.
The pumping industry is not fully matured as yet in India. End users are still to shift to more use of Boom Pumps or Mechanized distribution system to improve the overall productivity. Also, India has very few pumpers (Pump hiring companies) in India as compared to developed markets. Aquarius is proud of its well-trained and experienced service infrastructure. End user satisfaction and trouble free operation of our equipment is the basic motto of our service department. To achieve this, we carry out basic service activities like imparting Training to the customer personnel, scheduled visits to the site for inspection of the equipment, suggesting and maintaining emergency spare parts stock at customer’s site and our Branch Offices, etc.

We have introduced structured training courses for the operation and maintenance of our products. A new Training Center is coming up at our new factory near Pune. We have our regional sales and service offices spread across India. We are keeping proper stock of spares at the regional offices. We have also introduced equipped Service Vans at major locations for providing quick service to our customers.

Mr. A. V. Dikshit, Technical Director

"We are happy to feel ourselves a part of the nation building exercise." Infrastructure projects, housing and other market segment growth has increased the requirement of state-of-the-art construction equipment. Large volumes of orders demand mechanization to complete project execution within deadlines. Mechanization is required for better quality of work; moreover, complex & large orders require advanced mechanization. Growing markets like RMC industry and improved project funding has spurred the equipment requirement.

Aquarius is the only Indian company manufacturing Concrete Pumps & Batching Plants indigenously. The technology evolved is suited to Indian conditions and proven over many years. Application of global technology considering local conditions/requirements and backed by efficient service and spare parts back-up, has been a major achievement. As a result of extensive R&D activities, a range of new models have been launched by the company.

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